Warranty Terms and Conditions

Budget Appliances: Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

The graded or refurbished electrical product that you have purchased through Budget Appliances has been tested in a factory conditions to the highest standard. The product has been refurbished and is not new. To make sure you get the best life from your product it must be handled properly through delivery and installation. In outline your guarantee is:

  • Valid up to 12 months from date of purchase for material and workmanship - actual warranty period agreed at sale

  • All appliances are sold under “return to store” warranty - the Customer is responsible for returning the item to the store and any costs associated with doing so, or opt for our callout service at an additional charge.

Full Guarantee Conditions:

  • The warranty will take effect from the time and date of purchase - as indicated on sales receipt

  • Sales receipt must be retained as proof of purchase - no other means will be accepted

  • This warranty is non-transferable in the event of a change of ownership, so will not be valid without prior written approval

  • Please note that it may take up to 10 working days to assess the appliance fully

  • No returns will be accepted and no credit will be allowed for previously undiscovered defects or discrepancies in description

  • The warranty is valid in Republic of Ireland only

  • In the event of any problems, Budget Appliances will act in accordance with consumer rights and will offer a repair or replace the item.

In addition to the correction of defects in material or workmanship during the contract period and subject to exclusion, Budget Appliances agrees to bear repair cost. If in the opinion of Budget Appliances a product is beyond repair, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to provide as replacement a similar reused product - which may or may not be of the same manufacturer or model that the original product supplied. We will do our best to ensure however that the replacement will not be of a lesser specification to the original purchase, unless agreed at the time of exchange in writing 

Budget Appliances will not replace an appliance under this guarantee if the failure of the product is due to the following:

  • Non-compliance with the safety regulations and warnings given in the original instructions

  • Faults caused by the user through operating errors or lack of care and maintenance

  • Non domestic or commercial use

  • Use that exceeds 500 operating hours for the appliances and televisions or 50 hours for vacuum cleaners

  • Damage by the user or third party

  • Product is moved to another location following the delivery to the location agreed at the point of sale

  • Installation by anyone other than a qualified installer

  • Faulty repairs or repairs carried out by parties other than those authorized by Budget Appliances or its authorized agents

  • External influences e.g. weather, transport damage

  • Replacement due to wear and tear

  • Glass breakage and defective lamps

  • Visual blemishes such as marks or dents

  • Use of non-approved accessories, care products, dust bags, batteries and spare parts

  • Damage to accessories

  • Accidental Damage

Budget Appliance shall not be liable for the loss of goods, lose of use, or any special, indirect, pure economic loss, cost, damages, charges or expense, except for the liability that Budget Appliances is not allowed to exclude by law. This primarily applies to damage by water or loss of food in freezer - the warranty dose not cover this type of loss. Customers should ensure they have their own insurance cover in place for these eventualities, and that the machine is monitored during the first and all use adequately to ensure no damage to property